10 ED Song Performers for "AKIBA'S TRIP -THE ANIMATION-" Announced in Video

Hiroshi Ikehata (Robot Girls Z, Seiyu's Life!)-directed series will premiere on January 4, 2017

The upcoming TV anime AKIBA'S TRIP -THE ANIMATION- will feature a different ED song performed by 10 singers/groups in each episode. The project was revealed at the advance screening event for its first two episodes held at the Akihabara UDX building yesterday on December 27. Check the video announcing the 10 artists below.



Announced 10 artists


I★Ris (http://iris.dive2ent.com/)

Earphones (http://earphones-official.com/)

AouP (https://aopanimelove.com/)

every♥ing! (https://every-ing.com/)

Shoko Nakagawa (http://www.shokotan.jp/)

petit milady (http://www.petitmilady.com/)

Mimi Meme Mimi (http://www.mimimememimi.com/)

Milky Holmes (http://milky-holmes.com/unit/)

Haruko Momoi (http://rg-music.com/momoi/)

YuiKaori (http://www.yuikaori.info/)




The OP song for the anime, "Ikken Rakuchaku Goyoujin" (Case Closed, Be Careful) is sung by

three-member voice actress unit Earphones. It will be released as their 5th single on February 15,

2017. You can check the song in the 2nd PV below.




Source: "AKIBA'S TRIP -THE ANIMATION-" official website


©2017 ACQUIRE Corp./AKIBA'S TRIP Production Committee


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