Shout Your Dreams Loud in "Black Clover" x BiSH Special Collaboration Movie

The manga's TV anime adaptation is now available on Crunchyroll

Today in Japan, Shueisha releases the 16th tankobon volume of Yuki Tabata's fantasy action manga Black Clover, which has been serialized in the publisher's Weekly Shonen Jump since 2015. To promote the release, the magazine's official YouTube channel today posted a 90-second special collaboration movie featuring "PAiNT it BLACK," the TV anime's second OP song performed by six-member idol group BiSH.


In addition to the idols, the anime's three voice actors: Shun Horie (Asuta), Kana Yuuki (Noelle Silva), and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Yuna) also joined the clip to shout out their dreams and the ones written by the fans at an event. 



BiSH members: "Even without musical instruments, we will become a punk band!"

Horie: "Even without experiences now, I will become a good actor!"

Yuuki: "Even without precognition, I will become a nice lady!"

Shimazaki: "Even though I think I am no match for my seniors, I will become a good actor!"




"PAiNT it BLACK" official music video



Manga 1st and 16th tankobon volume covers


Source: Shueisha press release


©Yuki Tajima/Shueisha


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