Trinity Seven Teases Game Adaptation and Movie Character Songs

Smartphone RPG due out this spring


Trinity Seven fans now have more to look forward to than the upcoming movie, thanks to the announcement of a new game and music singles!


The game, subtitled Phantasm Library & Seventh Sol, will feature a story penned by original manga author Kenji Saito. Players will step into the role of Arata, meeting familiar faces and game-exclusive characters as they attempt to protect the Royal Biblia Academy against the mysterious seven suns that have appeared in the sky. Side stories will also allow you to raise affection levels with characters and unlock new chapters and dialogue.



Additionally, two character song singles have been revealed, which will go on sale alongside the film's release. "OVER THE TRINITY ~√venustas~" will feature vocals by Lilith (CV Yumi Hara), Liese (CV Nao Yoyama), and Akio (Ryoka Yuzuki). "Harmonized//Songline ~The Light Mare~" will feature Mira (CV Yoko Hikasa) and Yui (CV Rie Murakawa).

The second Trinity Seven movie premieres in Japan on March 29.


>> Trinity Seven -Phantasm Library & Seventh Sol- Website

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