New Illustration Brings Us Zombie Vinland Saga

Crossover art celebrates Vinland Saga's vocal Franchouchou support


A good idol supports their most vocal fans, and Franchouchou is no different... sending out crossover art to celebrate the start of Vinland Saga!

Like us, Vinland Saga creator Makoto Yukimura was a big fan of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, and was sad to see that the season ended on episode 12. He tweeted "Season 2 or banzai!" in response to the finale, saying he was sad to see it end and hopes to see a second term exploring more of Kotaro's back story.


There's been no word (yet) of a second season, but Yukimura's own Vinland Saga kicks off as an anime today. To celebrate, last week the official ZOMBIE LAND SAGA put out this on-brand art of Sakura and Romero:



Yukimura did what any of us would do under the circumstances and made it his desktop wallpaper:



Vinland Saga kicks off globally today on Amazon Prime.


>> Watch ZOMBIE LAND SAGA on Crunchyroll

Source: @zombielandsaga on Twitter





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