Junji Ito Found Haunting Players in Death Stranding

The manga creator is featured in Hideo Kojima’s video game

Junji Ito in Death Stranding


When not touring around haunted houses, or scaring the pants off readers with his off-beat manga, acclaimed manga creator Junji Ito seems to moonlight as a hologram in Hideo Kojima’s newest art-house project, Death Stranding.


Junji Ito in Death Stranding
Tweet from @hana_av


First shared by @hana_av on Twitter, then also shared by the Director of Social & Editorial at Crunchyroll, Miles Thomas, Junji Ito’s likeness is being used in the game to help guide the player as they connect the strands of America back together, much like Conan O'Brien’s cameo in the game. Ito plays The Engineer, who helps upgrade your Power Skeleton to carry more gear.


While many players – myself included – are sad at the missed opportunity of Kojima and Ito working on a Silent Hill game together, seeing Ito inside Death Stranding may make another collaboration all that much more likely.


Watch as the Crunchyroll team and Junji Ito traverses a haunted house together:


If you want some Ito branded spookiness, The Junji Ito Collection is available to stream on Crunchyroll right now!


Source: @hana_av and @Real_Kilometers on Twitter


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