Check Out Fall 2020 TV Anime Adachi and Shimamura ED Song by Adachi VA Akari Kito

Satoshi Kuwabara (The Quintessential Quintuplets)-directed yuri series will premiere in October 2020



Voice actress Akari Kito's third solo single "Kimi no Tonari de" (Right Next to You) is set to be released on October 28, 2020, and the song is confirmed to be featured as the ED theme for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Hitoma Iruma's light novel Adachi to Shimamura / Adachi and Shimamura. The TV anime directed by Satoshi Kuwabara (The Quintessential Quintuplets) is scheduled to premiere on TBS in October 2020.


Kito is cast as one of the anime's title characters, Sakura Adachi, alongside Miku Ito as Hougetsu Shimamura. The two voice actresses also sing the anime's OP theme song "Kimi ni Aeta Hi" (The day I was able to meet you). The CD singles of the OP and ED theme songs will be released simultaneously on October 28.


"Kimi no Tonari de" is written by Saori Kodama (Aikatsu!, Free!) and composed/arranged by Tsubasa Ito (SHOW BY ROCK!!, Re:Stage!). The lyrics that accompany the story and the breezy rock tune bring out a new side of Kito.



"Kimi no Tonari de" preview:


Akari Kito new artist photo:




TV anime 2nd PV:


OP song preview:



Teaser visual: 



Source: Akari Kito official website / Twitter



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