It's Always Showtime with 45th Anniversary Glass Mask Watch

4,500 watches have been made, and the first will go to the manga creator

Glass Mask watch from Premico


It's showtime!


To celebrate 45 years of Suzue Miuchi's theatrical shoujo manga Glass Mask, Premico is releasing a beautiful watch themed to heroine Maya Kitajima. Only 4,500 of the timepiece will be made — and only 4,499 will be sold.


The purple roses on the face of the watch recall the purple roses given to Maya during the series, and the Roman numerals blooming into flowers represent her blossoming as an actress. At the 12 o'clock spot is a diamond, signifying a spotlight.


Glass Mask watch - key visual

Glass Mask watch - front

Glass Mask watch - detail


The back of the watch features an engraving of Maya, noting the occasion of the manga's big anniversary:


Glass Mask watch - back


The watch arrives in a collector's box with an illustrated card:


Glass Mask watch - packaging


The watch is being produced in a numbered run of 4,500. The first in the run will go to Miuchi herself.


Pre-orders are now open for the watch, which costs 32,780 yen. Orders will ship out starting in mid-November.


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


Watch Glass Mask on Crunchyroll!


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