Pilot biography

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U know wat 2 do. first goto the pilot origin fourm n see my rules.

Ace story(UC): After the 1 year war, Ace was assigned to a team called Daybreak's bell. he had also was assigned to look after captured zeons. he looked after gray panther an many others.

25/01/CE 71
He moved to the Cosmic Era to start a new life with his bro. he rented an apartment at ornago island. He got a secret prototype which was hidden form the EA code-named the Super Strike Freedom. Even though he lied he was a Orb citizen, they found out but did not fire him.

Even though he failed to power the SSF, he used his RX-78. RX-78 was destroyed. He got a Freedom Gundam unit. As 2 his suprised, eh found out how 2 use SEED.
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