Blood Plus
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Страна производитель: Japan
Год выпуска: 2005
Дата трансляции: Окт 8, 2005 to Сен 23, 2006
Episodes: 50
Тип: Сериал
Просмотры страницы: 151722
Поклонники: 1501
Сообщений на форуме: 782
Сообщения на стене: 1635
Загруженных фоторгафий: 362

Blood Plus

Связанные медиа
Ангел Резни (субтитры) - Серия 1 - Пожалуйста… убей меня.
Chiropteran – is an un-dead monster with a grotesque figure once human, but changed. Lucky there is a secret organization called Red Shield, they exist to hunt down the Chiroptearns and figure out how they come to exist.

It is the year 2003, in Okinawa. A high school girl Otonashi Saya spends her life peacefully with her adopted father George and his two adopted sons Kai and Riku.

Saya cannot seem to remember anything before one year ago.

Her father is strangely visited by a man named David, who seems to be hiding something about himself and Saya.

Finally, she meets Haji, a mysterious figure in a black suite playing a cello. He seems to know a lot about her past, yet is very silent.

On her way back to school to pick up something she forgot, a Chiropertan confronts her and trys to kill her, when Haji comes and saves her and teaches her that only her blood can kill these Chiropertan and the source of the problems.

Will Saya remember about her past? Will the monsters be stopped?
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Актерский состав
David (введение)Jurota Kosugi
Diva (введение)Akiko Yajima
Haji (введение)Katsuyuki Konishi
James Ironside (введение)Toru Ohkawa
Kai Miyagusuku (введение)Hiroyuki Yoshino
Riku Miyagusuku (введение)Akiko Yajima
Saya Otonashi (введение)Eri Kitamura
Solomon Goldsmith (введение)Kouji Tsujitani
Van Argeno (введение)Junichi Suwabe