Samurai Champloo (Library)
Год выпуска: 2004
Episodes: 26
Тип: Сериал
Просмотры страницы: 139771
Поклонники: 734
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Samurai Champloo (Library)

Связанные медиа
Доктор Стоун - Серия 1 - Каменный мир
Синоби и Нобунага 3 - Серия 53 - Тихий замок Одани
Переворотный суд 2 - Серия 1 - Утраченный поворот
Кулак синих небес: Перерождение - Серия 1 - Преемник искусства Хокуто Синкэн: Касуми Кэнсиро
Fuu, a 15 year-old girl, was working part-time job at teahouse. One day, she met Mugen and Jin. They fought violently, but finally they were arrested and about to be executed. In return for helping them, Fuu asked them to make a promise that they would make a journey with her in order to look for a "Samurai with a scent of sun flower".

The music composed for the show was compiled onto four full-length soundtracks: Masta, Playlist, Departure, and Impression. Featured heavily on the soundtracks were Nujabes, Force of Nature, Tsutchie, and Fat Jon, among others. Also performing over Nujabes' beats is Japanese hip hop artist Shing02, who performs the vocals on the opening theme "Battlecry", and MINMI, who performs the ending theme "Shiki no Uta" ("Song of Four Seasons"). Singles were released for the tracks "Ai no Mi" and "YOU". In May 2007, Fat Jon's Ample Soul label released a limited edition 3LP vinyl edition of the soundtrack: Samurai Champloo: The Way of the Samurai.

Some featured tracks are not available on the official soundtracks. "Obokuri ~ Ee Umi", from Ikue Asazaki's album Utaba Utayun, is played during Mugen's underwater scene in episode fourteen. The track's name is commonly mistransliterated as "Obokuri-Eemui". "San Francisco", from Midicronica's album #501, is played during the credits of episode twenty-six. The most famous of these songs is played during the brothel escape scene in episode eleven. It uses a sample from the George Benson song "Affirmation." As of 2007, the music selection has been identified as Nujabes' "Counting Stars"—the sixth track of the Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection album.

Theme music

Opening theme "Battlecry"
lyrics by Shing02
music by Nujabes
produced by Nujabes
song by Nujabes feat. Shing02

Ending theme "四季ノ唄 (Shiki no Uta, Song of Four Seasons)"
lyrics, music by MINMI
track produced by Nujabes
produced by MINMI
song by MINMI

Ending theme #12 "Who's Theme"
lyrics, music by MINMI
track produced by Nujabes
produced by MINMI
song by MINMI

Ending theme #17 "YOU"
lyrics by Lori Fine (COLDFEET)
music by Tsutchie
song by KAZAMI

Ending theme #23 "FLY"
lyrics by AZUMA RIKI
music by Tsutchie
song by AZUMA RIKI

Ending theme #26 "san francisco"
produced by MIDICRONICA

Video game

Bandai developed a video game for the PlayStation 2 entitled Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked; however, the manufacturer has stated that the game has no relation to the show. It was released on April 11, 2006 in the United States and received mixed reviews. The game is notable for having given Mugen's distinctive sword a name, "Typhoon Swell"--it was never called by this name in the anime or manga series.
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