Shinobu Ousaki
Фамилия: Ousaki
Имя: Shinobu
王崎 信武
Пол: Мужской
Страна производитель: Japan
День рождения: October 17
Группа крови: O
Тип: Лицо
Просмотры страницы: 13286
Поклонники: 7
Сообщений на форуме: 0
Сообщения на стене: 0
Загруженных фотографий: 0

Shinobu Ousaki

Gentle and considerate, Shinobu Ousaki is a third year college student with a gentle heart. As a music graduate of Seiso Academy, he enjoys playing the violin and sometimes the viola to encourage others to enjoy music the way he does. He is easily liked by others and works hard to achieve his goals.

When Shinobu was still a student at Seiso Academy, he won the highly acclaimed concours playing the violin. He continues to visit his alma mater as the manager for the orchestra club, as well as to work his intern position as Hiroto Kanazawa’s assistant. Shinobu encounters Kahoko Hino while playing the violin outside one day, and ever since then, he has occasionally given her advice on music. His positive influence on Kahoko could have an impact on her, thus possibly changing the face of the concours.
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