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    Среда Август 20, 2014
  • Funko's "Book of Life" Figures are Fantastic

    Funko Pop! and Legacy figures coming in October

    Ready for the upcoming animated film The Book of Life? Funko certainly is - and they've got a whole slew of figures on the horizon that should make any collector drool. Check out the pictures after the jump. 

  • Воскресенье Август 17, 2014
  • Kahotan Teases Halloween Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

    Halloween Miku is a US event exclusive

    Get ready to ring in Halloween Vocaloid style, fans in LA and New York: Good Smile Company is releasing a new Halloween-themed Hatsune Miku Nendoroid. Check out the concept art and find out where you can pick her up after the jump. 

  • Пятница Август 15, 2014
  • Rooster Teeth Puts "RWBY's" Yang Figure Up for Order

    Yang completes Team RWBY

    Team RWBY is complete: Rooster Teeth and McFarlane Toys have finished series one with the completion of their scaled Yang Figure. Get a peek at the pictres and the details after the jump. 

  • Понедельник Август 11, 2014
  • Kahotan Shows Off Max Factory's Mikuzukin

    Figure due out in January

    Project DIVA fans can get ready to shell out some dough, because Max Factory's Mikuzukin is hitting pre-order. Check out Kahotan's pictures of Miku all dolled up after the jump.

  • Суббота Август 9, 2014
  • Good Smile Making Akuma Homura Nendoroid

    No release date yet

    Are you a big fan of the Madoka Magica movies? Do you feel like you need an Akuma Homura Nendoroid to do bad thinks to your Godoka Nendoroid? Good news! Good Smile has you covered. Check out the prototype picture after the jump. 

  • Четверг Август 7, 2014
  • "Gargantia's" Saaya Beach Queen Figure is Painted

    Saaya is due out in February.

    Gargantia fans, get ready: Wave is busy cranking out all the girls in their bikini wear, and the newest one to get painted and shown off for the internet is Saaya. Check out the pictures after the jump. 

  • Вторник Август 5, 2014
  • Kahotan Shows Off Phat! Company's Mental Model Takao

    Takao goes on pre-order August 7th

    Have a thing for heavy cruisers? So does Phat! Company - at least, for "Arpeggio of Blue Steel's" Mental Model Takao. Their new figure goes on pre-order soon, and you can get a peek at the pictures after the jump. 

  • Четверг Июль 10, 2014
  • Good Smile Shows Off "Kan Colle's" Wo-Class Figure

    Figure due out in February

    Good Smile Company has been giving Kan Colle's Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class a lot of attention lately. Their latest scaled figure is truly something to behold. Get a look at the beautiful pictures after the jump. 

  • Пятница Июль 4, 2014
  • Rooster Teeth Making "RWBY" Video Game

    Game announced at RTX 2014 in Austin

    Fans of RWBY, get ready to save the world of Remnant as Ruby, Weiss, Yang and Blake, because Rooster Teeth is briging Team RWBY to video game. Get all the details - including the incredibly cool way this video game got its start - after the jump. 

  • Union Creative's Levi Gets Hot Under the Collar

    Figures due out in November

    If you're suffering from a lack of Levi smoldering in your life, Union Creative has you covered. Their new figure has a wealth of the Attack on Titan fan favorite's trademark dirty looks and a not-so-small price tag. Get a look at the pictures after the jump.

  • Суббота Июнь 28, 2014
  • Disney Previews Bandai's "Big Hero 6" Toys

    "Big Hero 6" due out November 7th

    Big Hero 6 doesn't hit theaters until November, but Disney is already showing off Bandai's Baymax and Hiro toys. Get a look at the pictures and video of some of the toys headed our way this winter after the jump.

  • Get an Eyeful of X-Plus's Bikini Super Sonico

    She's due out this year

    Super Sonico in a bikini is always cause for celebration. X-Plus has a new figure on the way, and she's taller than most. Have a look at her curves after the jump.

  • Четверг Июнь 26, 2014
  • Good Smile Shows Off Cleaning Levi Nendoroid

    Cleaning Levi will be on sale at Anime Expo

    Good Smile exclusive Cleaning Levi is coming to a handful of cons worldwide this summer, and Kahotan has the pictures to get you excited. Plus? That Solid Snake Nendoroid is sculpted. Get a look after the jump. 

  • Среда Июнь 25, 2014
  • Wave Puts Beach Queen Anchovie on Pre-Order

    "Girls und Panzer" figure due out in December

    If you like Girls und Panzer, Wave has good news: their latest girl in a bikini is none other than Anchovie, and she's up for pre-order. Get a look at her pictures - and her crop - after the jump.

  • Пятница Июнь 20, 2014
  • Good Smile Announces Summer WonFes Exclusives

    Figures to go on order online after the July 27th event

    If you're a figure collector, few words strike fear into your wallet like WonFes. Summer WonFes is coming, and Good Smile Company will be there, along with Max Factory, with a handful of exclusives. Get a look at the roster after the jump.