Run with the Wind

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One chilly March day, Kansei University fourth-year Kiyose Haiji (Haiji) encounters Kurahara Kakeru (Kakeru) running uncommonly fast through the streets at night and forces him into living at the Chikusei-so (AKA Aotake). Haiji has a dream and ambition. He became discouraged after suffering an injury in high school, but he wants to run again. He wants to participate in the Hakone Ekiden and show off the running ability he's been pursuing. He has only one year left to turn that dream and ambition into reality. Now a powerful driving force has appeared before him. The Chikusei-so is a den of young male students with peculiar talents. There's Haiji, who cooks for the other residents, Nico-chan Senpai (Hirata Akihiro), the chain-smoking 25 year old who's been attending college for five years, twin brothers Joji (Jo Jiro) and Jota (Jo Taro), exchange student Musa (Musa Kamara), Shindo (Sugiyama Takashi), originally from a little town in the middle of the mountains, Yuki (Iwakura Yukihiko), a music fanatic who passed the bar exam, King (Sakaguchi Yohei), who loves quiz shows, and Prince (Kashiwazaki Akane), who pours all his money and time into comics... and this unique group of individuals has been living at the Chikusei-so without realizing it's actually the "Kansei University Track and Field Club Training Camp." Haiji threatens, coaxes, and encourages them to run the Hakone Ekiden with just the ten of them. As they run up against walls and obstacles like Kurahara's warped outlook and past and the physical and mental limits of the residents, will they be able to reach the summit of that mountain--? "Running is strength. Not speed, but the strength to make a connection with someone else as a single individual."
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