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  • Gives gundam a bad name
    I can't even grasp who made this or why. It doesn't seem to have any of the traits of the gundam family. Weak characters, distinct lack of any fun mech engineering, absence of any valuable personal story anywhere. This is either a grab for more merchandise or someone else paid for the name and character style to peddle their weak story.
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  • it's not the usual Gundam...
    I saw a new "Gundam" and I was stunned, a new GUNDAM anime and I didn't know about? but then I realized , right after the first minute why I didn't hear of this Gundam. Short story, this is nothing like the usual Gundam shows, like SEED or 00. Apparently the SD stands for SUPER DEFORMED and that is a very accurate descriptions. The mechas look chibi and weird. But, once you get used to the ...
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