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  • o-p-z
    i watched more than 80 anime series , and i can say this anime is from top 5 in my list ..
    this series, yes this one right here, yeah out it on this website please
  • skrave888
    Ever since subscribing, my only regret is that there is no Claymore, neither anime nor MANGA. I'm not with Funimation for no other reason than one subscription is enough for me, so I dearly wish to be able to support this anime and/or manga
  • Kolbmister
    This would be another I'd like to see here.
  • manliowe
    ¡Ya pónganlo!
  • CathyMacars
    I need this anime here so bad T_T
  • 19pegasus93
    so.... since Crunchyroll partnered with Funimation, does this mean we will get Claymore now?
  • iymus
    was hoping i could find it on crunchyroll
  • guineapig1016
    Please finish this Anime. Please Do a REBOOT of Berserk. (not the CGI) Nobody likes CGI.
  • skeezito
    The manga is over, let's finish the anime, guys! :/
  • dmac3018
    This is a great anime but why is it only 1 season to this. At the end of this 1st season they left so much room just to make a second season it kinda disappointing but overall the show is great
  • christian-edson
    tá aí um anime que merece continuação
  • astronomy_1989
    Great Anime!
  • rikaTakumi
    The anime was 3.6 out of 5 overall. Love drama brought it down a point and other stuff. I still going to read the manga though hear that was better concerning the love drama.
  • ekini
    a wonderful series and id love to see it on crunchyroll. id gladly watch it againt and feel that others who hadnt seen it would be very excited.
  • dcztu
    pongan este anime!
  • Fanvergent
    Please add this series! I love it and I want to watch it again!!
  • foolios
    Where does the manga readings begin after the season of anime ends? Which volume do I begin to read? Should I pick up from before the anime's alternate ending or after? Thanks in advance!
  • Jerico0329
    How I wish they will continue the series of this anime. Looking forward for more action and drama.
  • arinarin12
    I have just tho words to say : LOVE IT !
  • MoonWaterlily
    Awesome Anime, not so happy about the ending of season 1. If only they make a season 2
  • LainZero
    I wish they would re-upload this. It's not one of my favorites per say but it's one I think some of my friends who aren't huge on anime would enjoy, I wanted to get them into CR to watch it.
  • Urdur
    whats up with the manga?
  • ashlem_xiv
    where can i watch this series again? its not anymore available here at CR. please send me the links. TY :D
  • jenapanese
    i loved spending my 4 days watching the series. but somehow, i just cant be satisfied with the ending as to what happens to priscilla+isley. must read the manga!! 3.8/5
  • G92
    I agree claymore was great i loved it but i was i dissapointed that their was only one seasion :((((((( if only the had made more.
  • chiplg
    This is available on Netflix streaming.
  • kumquat159
    What is up with CR and not having some of the really good animes out there.. Gosh
  • YanezGil
    I like this anime all the claymores are super hot and can kick some butt
  • katarzynassj4
    I ♥ this anime
  • zen03y
    I wonder if female Claymores menstruate.
  • redcm
    The alternate ending in Season 1 makes it hard, almost impossible to begin season 2. So for the moment, the manga would continue, but the anime won't, unless it somehow says 'what if the last 2 episodes of season 1 never happened...?'
  • ellalexa
    will this anime have its season two? the manga has a better story than the animated one,..i hope they really did follow the manga's flow of twists and turns,..I love it,..
  • Ultimatedarkelzallon
    I have the same question as tea66
  • tea66
    i just don't understand why they didn't follow the manga...if they did they could make season 2,but now i hardly think they will...
  • hichristopherrr
    claymore=very very very good anime and manga love it hope there is a season 2 =S
  • gia4me_yummy
    They can make a season two if they include a twist and make it similar to the manga. I kinda heard that there might be one on 2010, 2011, or 2012, not really sure.
  • dwadewade
    I think they should do a remake like they did to fma and follow the manga more.
  • mimi-chan-023
    i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik this anime and the manga too wana Season 2 TT__TT
  • bebijohn
    I like Priscilla :)) Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • jcloko332
    moonlight there will be no claymore anime here because its licensed now, btw i think there will be no season 2 because they made it a different ending on anime and i think its just an opening for the manga to sell..LOL
  • MoonlightRevenge
    tis anime is good. I wish sum1 can upload it
  • simonese
    Thes is the best aneme that I've ever seen,buut.....Where 2nd season....(^_^) u should watched et.... Did Claire like raki.....?(love)coz she kess hem....Zzzzz
  • shiroi-tategami
    At first you just think it's that cliche anime about a "hero" going from town to town saving them from demons, but then you eventually get hooked and find out there's much more to it than that. Great anime and manga. <3
  • Alucardcute
    My favorite all time anime ever!I agree completly that this anime is the best!Every person I show the manga or the anime to falls in love with it instantly!They need to make more animes like this one!!!!!!Im being hunted for more!T_T
  • Infinityx3
    hmm wonder when season 2 will come out...
  • steph_ksr
    one of the must-see animes
  • JowieL
    Love this anime.. its so so so amazing.. except for Raki ( he is plain annoying) but other than that.... CLAYMORE ROCKS!
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