Slam Dunk (Dub)

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    Comedy and Progression
    This anime, Slam Dunk, is well worth the watch! After watching the first 14 dubbed episodes here, I went and found it elsewhere online, and finished the series of 101 eps because it was that good. Good enough for me to want more. The reasons I give this show 5 stars is because it shows progression and has an entertaining comedy. Selling more than 100 million manga copies, this old school classic ...
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  • The dub is pretty good!
    I always liked Slam Dunk, it's my favorite show, every character in the show is so likable, and every time I watch it again it's a different feeling

    it's the first time I watched dub, and I'll have to say it's pretty good. the people dubbing it really captured the personality of these characters. I hope there will be more, to hear how they dub it more
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    A real slam dunk of a show
    I'll keep this short
    Slam dunk is awesome, it's a fun anime with some real basketball know how. Its got that classic late 80s color palette and lots fun characters. Tho the animation can be a bit cheap (shots of doors while I people talk off screen) but I I assume that's to even out the basketball action. I sure hope Crunchyroll get the rest of the episodes or we'll all have to go looking.
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