Soul Hunter

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  • fantasy adventure with wuxia elements
    massive spoilers ahead, you were warned:

    This is about the elite immortals and gods strongarming their narrative and shoving it down people's throats at all costs. They give our hero a list of evil immortals to destroy and a paoppei ( a superweapon) which turns out to be a clean-up mission to keep him occupied for he is a threat to the great plan.
    They use a fox demon named Dakki to enact the ...
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  • 12 out of 13 people found this review helpful:
    The Original Hoshin Engi Anime
    This series came out back in 1999, and didn't do a good job of following the manga. A remake came out in 2018 called Hakyu Hoshin Engi, which follows the manga more closely. So you can go ahead and skip... the remake. Seriously, the old Soul Hunter show is far superior, in my opinion. The story makes more sense, the pacing is much better, and the characterizations are better. The new series tries ...
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