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  • Needs a Second Season!
    This is a little late in posting, but I finished Sound! Euphonium a few weeks ago and loved it! I really hope they do a second season, it definitely hints that there will be one and I would be very upset if they never finish the story. This was a very nostalgic anime for me and I really did feel nervous for the characters during their performances as I had been during my own. While the plot seemed ...
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  • Utterly beautiful, visually and aurally.
    I looooved Sound! Euphonium because it's so true to the band experience, all while being incredibly beautifully animated and the sound quality is top notch. You really fall in love with the characters, too. The story resonates wonderfully whether you've ever been in a band or are just looking at it from the outside, and like I said, everything is utterly gorgeous. Really hoping they make a second ...
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    Memories form this series
    So this series brought back a lot of memories for me. I joined band in elementary school, and played all the way up through college. I actually played the Euphonium too! So this anime hit close to home. Every emotions everyone was feeling in the series, to their dedication, compassion, and disappointment, I easily could understand. Even the friend experiences, and competitions between band ...
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  • Definitly my Top 3 Anime
    This Anime is one of the best i have seen because i'm in band and i can relate or i see this happening at my school this past year you will not be disappointed with this anime. Is there gonna be a season 2 i very so hope. I love Midori she is my fav because i play her instrument in orchestar also but yeah good anime
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    Band Kids, Rejoice! The Spotlight Is Upon Us!
    I have only watched half the episodes, but was compelled to write a review.

    This anime has me looking back to my years in high school band in the U.S. more than 30 years ago. The animators show amazing skill in depicting so many technical details of the instruments, players' techniques, and other equipment.

    While there are some cultural differences between my experience and that of the ...
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  • 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    Band geek must watch
    An easy recommendation for anybody who did band in High School, as this series really captures many of the exaggerated emotions and drama that seem to come right along with that activity.

    The show is packed with details, particularly the audio track. It can't have been easy to capture all the nuances of performance, but I feel the music really seems to fit with the action and plot.

    I'd be ...
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  • Real Orchestra Training, Detailed Depiction of Characters, Complete Stroy
    This is not the type of anime that shows cute girls but no real music knowledge. Instead, it depicts how a real school orchestra is like. How people practice (and do not practice) playing, technical and social issues for preparing for a competition, struggle between studying and spending time practicing, etc., which are tension that exists in the real world, are all depicted. In addition to ...
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  • a good music anime to watch
    i really like this anime. it been a while and i really like that it shows all the dedication and hard that comes with being a band. it shows better then a lot of sports anime that most don't make it no matter how good you are. then there are people who quit. i think there should be more anime that are more honest the main character not even the best but she tries a lot. i think that more important ...
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    Awesome Music anime!
    Contains all the feels of a high school music ensemble. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This has been going around on Tumblr, but the characters really represent the average music student (in band), and the animation is great, the music is great, the intensity of the conductor is awesome!
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  • Top-Notch Quality in Both Story and Production Values
    I wasn't sure what to expect from Sound! Euphonium except that the animation would definitely be good since it's from Kyoto Animation. And I was extremely pleasantly surprised that the show was actually really good. Not only was the animation extremely good throughout the entire show, but the portrayal of a high school band was extremely well-done; how they were able to record the sound so well ...
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