Space Adventure Cobra

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    Great Classic Sci-fi/fantasy
    This is a great classic series. If you have watched the more recent series and OVAs then this is totally worth looking at. If you want to check out a fun and amusing classic, I also highly recommend it.

    Cobra is like they took a bunch of very different ideas (high concept sci-fi, weird fantasy, James Bond, pirates, and more) and mixed them up in a blender for a very satisfying drink. My only ...
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  • on my top 10 anime list
    its a show about a cool dude doing cool shit in space. and hes got a cool gun and a cool android lady helping him and they go on adventures in space defying all odds constantly.

    I don't need to say anymore, its some of the most fun i've had watching anime.
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  • Has aged a bit, but still is a must-see.
    Great adventure in space with a charimatic and hard-boiled pirate.
    You will love the caustic humour and the great action!
    There are two newer series around, but since (just like in a comic) every episode (whichever series it is from) tells an independant story, it is nice to watch them all.
    Don't dimiss it because of the old-age graphics, and please give it a try.
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