Starlight Promises

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"A festival of miracle, where you can meet whoever you want to meet."

Mihara Shoma, a first-year in high school, receives a message from his best friend Atsushi, who he hadn't heard from in ages.
"Wanna come to this cool little festival I found? It's been a while, so I'd like to catch up."
Unable to sit around after that, Shoma heads to a ghost village in the mountains for the Tanabata Nanayamatsuri.
But he doesn't find Atsushi there. Instead, he meets a girl named Shiori, who has someone she wants to meet as well.
The master of ceremonies, Kanna, tells Shoma, "I believe you will see Atsushi-sama during the course of the festival."
And so, in order to meet him, Shoma prepares for the festival along with Shiori, but they get dragged into a series of bizarre incidents happening around the village.

Will Shoma be able to meet Atsushi once again?