Naruto Uzumaki/Fujin G.E.M Series Remix Figure - Naruto Shippuden

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$85.98 $77.00

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Product Description

New to Megahouse's line of Naruto G.E.M figures is Naruto and Sasuke dressed as fujin and Raijin!

Sasuke Uchiha rolls in atop Raijin, bringing the thunder to battle against Naruto, who rides like the wind on Fujin to challenge his rival. Bringing the thunder and winds together will blow this battle out of the water!


Purchase the Fujin/Raijin set and get postcards featuring artwork that was specially commissioned for these figures!

Product Details

  • Size: Approximately 180mm (7.1 inches) in height (each figure)

  • Manufacturer: Megahouse

  • Material: ABS,PVC

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