Tamayura Hitotose

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    Tamayura Hitose, Chills
    Originally viewed this around 2012, and I believe there were only about a handful of episodes. A light series that tends to cheer the souls up. Animation is a lot better in the new series, as expected, but doesn't chop up the spirit of the anime!

    Great series if you like Slice of Life-esque
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  • I wish there is more than 5 stars!!
    I really am in love with this anime!! I like the story, togetherness, and how pictures can create memories or even the feeling of being inside the picture. Because people who take pictures are not just randomly captures everything. There is a meaning to it and why they want to put all of the pics together. This anime kind of brings those who watch it thru her stories..
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  • So warm! Nostalgia overload.
    I remember watching this series a few years back, but had forgotten how much warmth oozed out of every episode. The older you get the easier it is to look back, after all you have a great deal more to look back at. However, it is also easier to get lost in the present worrying about the mundane minutae of every day life, so it is really satisfying to have something remind you to stop and look at ...
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