The Ancient Magus' Bride

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  • the ancient magus bride
    i saw some clips on youtube and i began to become curious about this anime. it was getting popular in some of my circle of friends so i became even more curious until i finally decided to watch it—and i had no regrets.

    i enjoyed it a lot. it was a rollercoaster and it was overwhelming. it's honestly an interesting anime and it's so well-put. i felt all kinds of emotions. i was in distress, then ...
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  • just a brilliant story
    The world of The Ancient Magus Bride sucked me in and did not let me go even for a second. I do hope there is a S2 or a movie in the future because I want to see more from this cast of characters in the anime world.

    The emotions that are explored within this series are spot on and in depth, which really sets it apart from other anime. Also, these emotions are explored within such a ...
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  • I'm completely hooked with both the story and the art work!!
    A touching story, followed by delicate art work that drew me in.
    couldn't stop watching episode after episode, ended up finishing the season in a day ~

    This story wouldn't disappoint anyone who loves Ghibli nor stories on magic or love.
    The music draws you in with each scene giving out different emotions
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  • could not pass up well done story
    I throughly enjoyed this work, I even watched the opening sequences when it came out in the movie theaters and was not disappointed. Took me far too long to write a review but i'm still so moved about this anime, from the 1st half OP/ED to the transition of the second half, it unfolded with lots of creative twists and turns. Chise and Elias were wonderful plays off of each other as characters who ...
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  • WOW 10/10 would recommend to everyone
    OK WOW. im a little late watching this anime but holy crap, i see alot of reviews about it being almost studio Ghibli film like, and that was my thought thru out watching the entire show. the animation is beautiful and the story draws you in. this has got to be in top 5 animes ive ever watched. i cant even describe how obsessed i am with this story line and all the creatures and beings in this ...
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  • Amazing! I love this show and the characters so much <3
    If I could give this show more than 5 stars I would. This is such a wonderful show that is worth watching even if its not your usual genre. The writing is wonderful and the acting is amazing, not to mention the animation is just lovely and a joy to watch! My absolute favorite show hands down! <3
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    beautiful to watch, hard to leave
    The characters are well developed and the artwork is amazing. Watching AMB has been a magical experience filled with wonder and mystery. While it may sound cornballish to put it that way, its true none the less. it is a very well put together series. Even at the wrap up of the series it leaves you wanting more, not wanting to leave the world that was created in the storyline.
    I've read some of ...
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    A Beautiful but Boring Bride
    The anime is in the best way I can describe, pretty good. It's plot is well developed, the character development has a normal flow, and the visuals are nice. I won't deny though this anime can be a bit dull at times. From the first few episodes I didn't feel all too excited. I stayed and watched the entire series, simply because I made it far enough in that I saw no reason to stop. Admittedly, I ...
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  • Creative and Beautiful Anime
    I don't know if I care for the story much or the bride but one thing is true, its that this anime is beautiful with character design, setting, and structure. I watched every episode several times not because I care about what actually goes on but because of the beautiful universe that was created and put into a concert that was something new and refreshing. I loved every episode.
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  • Came into this with 0 expectations and finished with a series I'd watch repeatedly
    Overall, the entirety of the series is well paced and beautifully animated. While the show does have some silly/funny moments they don't interfere with the more intensely emotional scene. The series tackled difficult negative emotions without feeling the need to shy away from them or suddenly make a joke to prevent the audience from feeling the full range and strength of an emotional scene; and ...
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