The Ancient Magus' Bride

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  • Makes me cry my eyes out
    I freaking LOVE this anime! The pacing is weird at first but it actually works within the context of the show, it really makes you enjoy the payoff of reactions and timing and stuff like that. The colors are beautiful and it's wonderfully animated. It's just very rewarding to watch, both visually and emotionally.
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  • Series launched, it's amazing
    Artwork is beautiful. Characters all seem to be full and vibrant, even a passer by feels like they have a rich story to tell even if we don't hear it.

    The main character is tragic but not helpless, the supporting cast are diverse enough to not just be copy pasta of someone else.

    Definitely worthwhile if you love rich worlds and don't get bored without having a fight scene every they seconds
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  • An incredibly beautiful piece - the kind that makes you daydream
    So much detail was put into the characters emotions, the animation style, and the dialogue — you'll def enjoy.

    First the dialogue - it's not cheesy and predictable. There are more advanced mechanisms (somebody says something, but the other person ignores and redirects an angry question to a 3rd person, etc.)... you don't find this stuff in traditional anime which has much more linear, ...
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  • Stunning and beautiful piece of art
    Its such a nice simple story but it keeps you calm and wanting more. The animation is stunning and I cant see this being a classic one day. Its not an overly intense show like one piece but the show makes you feel like your in the same woods breathing in the fresh air standing n the breeze. Would recommend anyone to see this and hope that there are many episodes to come.
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  • You don't need to read the manga to fall in love with this anime
    The animation, the voice acting and plot are superb.

    Sure, it's not always action packed, but it doesn't need to be to keep most peoples attention. With each no episode I want to learn more and more about Elias and his origins as well.

    Is he a demon? A monster? A beast? I have no idea but I'm excited to find out and what awaits Chise's own future.
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  • This is why I signed up!
    After years of trying to get back into anime I had kind of given up, as I was not interested in the usual high school romp/super edgy but tedious/cool guy silly girl romance/<insert hobby> type of anime. I'm hard to please, unfortunately. I saw clips of this anime in a review video and I had to immediately check it out. I watched the trailer and bought myself premium right away. I can easily say ...
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  • Fills the void that people need!
    I've been wanting an anime to fill the void that Your Lie in April has left me with. This does in fact qualify as that! I highly recommend it! I like how deep the character development goes, Chise is quite but yet full of emotion and different facial expression, I am excited to see what the creators do with her character development.
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Three episodes in and this already beats most the anime I've seen in three years.
    I have a feeling this series is going to be really special. Hell, on a three episode basis, it already is. I already care about the two main characters more then I've cared about many others in a while. The animation, the sound, the purity of the messages melded together, the writing, the creativity, and just about everything I've seen in this show thus far is so beautiful that I'm having trouble ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Who in the World Gave This 1-3 stars?
    I am baffled by the fact that this is getting 1, 2, even 3 stars. The pacing of the plot in this anime is incredible. Very rarely do you see anime with this kind of precision in story direction. The imagery and animation are beautiful, with everything given thought, and no drop in quality. The characters are enjoyable, you easily get swept into the mystery of everybody and everything. The emotions ...
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  • The Ancient Magus Bride is well, great!!!
    If you want to get a feeling of what this anime is like than just watch the first 3 ova episodes. If you watch it in all one go it will feel as if you are watching something made by studio Ghibli without the movie budget though; But don't let that fool you, it is written as though it is a movie and its visuals can be quite magical at times. Truly a show that will give you a great watch this ...
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