The Comic Artist and His Assistants

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  • There NEEDS to be a Season 2!!!!
    Dude, I got so involved with all the characters that I forgot I was even watching an Anime. I just wanted to jump into the screen and frolic around with everyone and their silly antics.

    The final episode is worth it!!!

    Now make more seasons damnit!
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  • Silly comedy full of silly people
    This one is a quick binge. Interesting cast. Bit of SoL. An MC with zero self awareness. You've seen plenty like this before.

    That being said, I was charmed enough as I watched through the series' twelve episodes. Maybe not enough for me to dig further into the source material, but there's worse ways to spend an afternoon.
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  • A little late to the party.
    I enjoyed the story or little skits that they had every episode, they feel lighthearted and joyful through out the series. I am very glad i watched this it got quite a few laughs out of me. I strongly think that people should watch this and if your not satisfied with how it ends you can read the manga online. The name of it is the same as the first season just with a 2 at the end.
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  • Harem comedy about manga artist
    Mangaka and his Assistants is funny at times, but it is also very tropey and predictable. It's about an aspiring comic artist and his harem of female assistants. Every episode basically presents a challenge and how they handle it, with a bunch of ecchi humor and pervy jokes scattered through out. Like I said, it can be funny if those things dont bother you, but in the end, the show doesnt bring ...
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  • I Need Another Season Please
    Loved this series, and I think the shorter episode length helped out too. Thought the characters were all visually and emotionally appealing, they all had their little quirks. I found it hilarious how Aito was able to annoy Ashisu to the point of showing her freaky side when she was pissed. Watched all the OVAs, those were good too. If you liked the series, I would look them up!
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  • This anime develop hilarity and adore
    How interesting would Aito become everything involve pantsies. The characters imitate with different personalities, especially Mihari and Sena physically attack Aito - double tsun, the hilarity the show is. I also like the mascot of this show, Branyan, a cat who wears a bra on its ears. How adorable.

    This show develop life as an manga artist, apart from pantsies. But these characters' actions ...
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  • Sometimes an anime just speaks to you
    Oh frell, another ecchi, harem, comedy; let’s prepare for the series of clichés and tropes to parade forth and justify the hatred this genre gets. HANG ON… this series isn’t as bad or clichéd as most other entries in this genre and that makes it work. First, it’s not heavy on the fanservice, of course there is some but it doesn’t go out of it’s way to throw upskirt shots at you; and lacks ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Cute, but a little strange
    This is a short and fun comedy about a insanely obsessive guy and the girls that seem to collect around him despite that. It is very lighthearted and there is a loose plot that develops a little in the background as the show moves on. Each character has their own individual quirks as well, which makes them all interact in interesting ways.

    My major issues with this show (and why it didn't get a ...
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