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    A Breif Insight, What Made People Hesitate to Watch
    I took my time to write a review, I don't do that kind of stuff, but as you must be aware by now The Promised Neverland was one of my exceptions. Down to the narrative, its amazing how much the viewer can be left in the dark of many things that have occurred chronologically even in the beginning, but still be able to maintain intrigue and suspense in the audience, evidently those behind this piece ...
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  • Not as Good as I hoped
    It's decent enough and I recently saw it in comparison to some other anime I really liked so I gave it a try due to the short length. Watched it over the course of two days and found out that I wasn't really too much of a fan. I feel the premise isn't truly explored well enough and it isn't until the 12th episode that I truly felt the world building I wanted come into play and that was only in a ...
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  • An Absolute Work-of-Art that Forces You Into Submission; You Don't have A Choice Other Than to Stand In Awe of This Anime
    I really didn't read any synopsis or preview of this anime before watching and I was simply looking for a sorta cutesy anime to watch in between other series, but after the first episode I was taken aback and forced to rethink what it meant for a series to be truly great. Even though it wasn't one of my favorite genres, the writing and execution was so perfect that I couldn't not watch the next ...
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  • Unique, Dark, and Emotion-packed Anime
    This show deserves a five-star rating. It's emotional, dark, and one of a kind. It makes me wonder about the future, about the possibilities of waking up one day and realize we are all but a livestock to the otherworldly creatures. I just couldn't imagine myself in that situation, so I personally admire the toughness and determination of the characters in this anime despite the fact that they are ...
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  • Deserves your time and attention
    Great show to watch with your friends, especially those closest to you. This anime borrows a lot of angles / shots from the real life horror genre and makes you feel uncomfortable without jump scares or over the top gore. Without spoiling anymore, just go watch it already.
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  • Incredible storytelling
    The character development is top notch.

    The animation is exceptional.

    The Pacing is perfect

    The plot is plausible and well thought out. lots of incredible twists. Me and my daughter loved every second of this!

    One of my favs of all time. Season 2 where are you?
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  • Lovecraft + HXH Style Protagonists + Darling in the Franxx Stakes = Gold

    That's how I would describe this piece of art. I mainly watch animes that have a hardcore focus on story, and this is one of the best so far. If you've since Erased, this will not disappoint. Immediately, you're thrown into a dark dystopian world living a "dream" until you wake up to the harsh reality. Upon realization, you know that you need to do something or those that you care ...
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  • this awesome.........
    i really recommend this, if you havent watch and you are doubting just watch it. It is really fun to watch and have a great story..............................................................................................................................................................................................i have to use some charactares
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  • Dark, but still uplifting
    Honestly one of the better anime i have seen this year. Kept the story interesting, amazing visuals and lovely characters. The show keeps the watchers interest, and managers to surprise even though you think you know what's coming. This is one anime where you really wanna go in blind. If you are reading this review, stop reading anymore reviews and watch this anime. You won't regret it
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  • I don't need 20 characters to say that it's awesome
    best anime of the year?...
    full of suspense, tension, fear, agony, despair
    and yet
    so calm, so beautiful, majestic, enlightened and cute.
    full of logic and intelligence.
    stunning work.
    awesome. doubt.
    clearly one of the best animes i've ever watched.
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