Time of Eve: The Movie

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  • A classic that is a must have!
    I'm a very stingy person, I maybe buy 1 figurine a year and only from a convention after I've driven down the price to below internet cost. This was a must have! I immediately bought a copy after watching it!

    Between the gorgeous soundtrack to the well built and developed characters there really is nothing lacking in this anime. It explores a person's moral compass and really makes you ...
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  • Slice of life at its best!
    I would highly recommend this to anyone, despite what genre they watch.
    This movie had my interest throughout all of it. I thought going into it that I might of only found another average work, but was proven wrong not even 15 minutes in. I found myself watching intently one moment and laughing hard the next. The story is though provoking and makes you want even more. Everything about this movie ...
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  • Amazing! I enjoyed the time of EVE.
    I've seen a lot of anime. This movie blows most of it out of the water. It handles some very complex themes in a sweet and funny way. The timing, shots used, and music were wonderful. Characters were relatable and the story really hit home. I had all the feels.

    I just want to thank Crunchyroll for giving me the opportunity to watch this wonderful film this weekend. I would probably not have ...
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  • Android v Human: A study on social dissonance
    I definitely recommend those who like the sci-fi and slice of life genres to watch this movie. It may be a continuation OVA/movie, but it stands on its own quite well. There are obviously as many questions raised as it has resolved through the various intersecting story lines. I love how it makes the audience perceive a dissonance in identity and question the definition of humanity. Rather than ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    great characters and good story
    Ironically, I just finished one of Isaac Asimov's books last night. I like this movie because it tells a good story, has good feels, and makes me think. What especially stood out to me is that it does a great job a portraying cognitive dissonance. When we humans are faced with an uncomfortable alternative perspective, we typically entrench ourselves more and only change views with great ...
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  • A Masterpiece with Drama, Comedy and Androids.
    Filled with some good light hearted interactions and some dramatic ones. Time of Eve is a beautifully presented movie about the line between humans and androids. The world is inviting and you'll find yourself quickly sucked into it. The only drawback to that being that you'll wish it had a sequel when you're done.

    Anyways I definitely recommend it to anybody who likes Sci-fi and Slice of Life.
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  • Must be seen movie with amazing characters
    I never seen a movie especially an anime from beginning to end including the end credits tell you a story. I'll buy this movie in a heart beat. Last movie i seen with an amazing story and character development was Colorful the movie. Must be seen movie of the year because i just discovered it myself this year.
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    So worth watching!!!
    I highly recommend watching this movie!!!
    This movie was absolutely beautiful. The scenes progressed in an organized fashion that was easy to keep up with. The animation aspect was also extremely pretty and the music fit the movie nicely. The storyline about the way humans and androids living among each other was very interesting. It easily captivates anyone who is watching it and before you know ...
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  • 5 out of 14 people found this review helpful:
    Time of Eve Betrayal
    Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful anime. This movie is pretty much a recap with a few added scenes. Only reason I am giving it a 3 star rating is because it was not what I expected, that being a continuation of the story or more of a clear cut ending rather than an ending leaving you with far more questions than you had before. If you've seen this story before I am sure you know what I mean.
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