Traveling Daru

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  • A hidden gem among hidden Gems.
    The only regret I have about this little short was that it was not longer. The story is that a little girl makes a little daruma doll like plush for herself that she adores completely. One day, however, the two get separated at an airport. And thus, begin Daru's journey for her. Daru goes everywhere on our earth looking for her, and no matter how long it takes, he almost never gives up hope. ...
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    Cute movie but rather short
    Cute movie, but really short. Reminds me a bit of Toy Story. Good movie if you have about 10 mins. to kill. I can see this as a short on another movie, but not as it's own DVD. Actually found this movie by hitting the random button. Not sure why it's really labeled 'episode 1' when it's not really an episode but a movie.
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