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    Censored vs Uncensored
    This review is only to provide some info regarding the fanservice for the Bluray version (or eventual Funimation premium online version when the stream gets replaced there)

    A reviewer mentioned that this show is strangely modest when it comes to ecchi scenes. That's because the broadcast version on CR cleverly censors the scenes with different animation instead covering with the usual light ...
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  • Tsugumo-more please!
    I normally don't write reviews at all, but after watching the first season I felt I should give my opinion; It's slow to get to the GOOD part. There's a lot of fan service and nonsense that goes on throughout, but the last few episodes were very intense. The main character seems a bit too innocent and childish, his Obi seems too harsh and forceful, but together they make a fun pair to watch. My ...
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  • This series is worth the watch!
    I really liked the concept behind the tools/partners. The series also had just the right amount of silliness, without getting to carried away. The only reason i'm not giving it 5 stars is because there are no second season yet, and there is always room for improvement. I'll be keeping a close eye to this anime.
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