Ultraman Ginga

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    Ginga S Excels Where Ginga Fails
    Ginga... is fairly weak. There is little in it to enjoy. The actors are bland, the writing feels forced, and there are often mistakes in the editing.

    However, Ginga S picks up vastly. It's really enjoyable and worth a watch! Ginga is worth it for Ginga S, which is honestly really enjoyable and fast-paced.
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  • A fresh idea, then a return to normalcy
    Ultraman Ginga is a step outside the box of the Ultraman series that came before it. There was no mention of a battle team, no second ultra, just a simple story about a small group of friends who get involved with the Spark War. It wasn't that bad, and was a fresh approach to the franchise.

    Ginga S, however, bailed on all of that and went back to the exact same song and dance as every ...
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    Isn't great. Not recommendable
    For both seasons: Poor effects, Sets are all the same, can't take it seriously will the Gimmick being dolls, Gimmicks don't go well with Ultras since Gimmick are more fit for armored-type heroes,Story is just plain bad and nearly ruined the entire Ultraman continuity and Lore if it wasn't for Multiverse Theory, Characters are not great, the ending Songs are not good.
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