Ultraman Leo

More Information

Ultraman Leo comes from Nebula L77. He comes to Earth as a second home after his
native land has been destroyed by Alien Magma.
On Earth, Ultraman Leo takes the human form of Gen Otori, a gym coach at a local
sports club. After witnessing the fight between Ultra Seven and Alien Magma where
Seven hurt his leg and lost his power to transform into the giant fighter, Leo accepts the
mission to defend the Earth on Seven’s behalf. He joins MAC (Monster Attack Crew)
with Seven as the captain, receives rigorous training and transforms into the gigantic
Ultraman Leo when things get out of control.
Unlike the rest of Ultraman warriors, Leo's fighting style is featured in martial arts
giving him far greater physical abilities than any of the other Ultra Brothers. He, along
with his brother Astra, is awarded the title to become a member of the Ultra Brothers.