Unico In the Island of Magic

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  • A childhood favorite of mine
    This anime is pretty old. I first saw it in the 1980s, one of my first anime! I can't believe how long ago that was when it doesn't really feel like it. This was made the year I was born and I saw it when I was about 5 or 6. I loved it. I think it is why I first started to love unicorns actually. I saw this before The Last Unicorn even.

    I recently re-watched this with my sons. They found ...
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  • Very Sweet, Cute and Cheesy Little 80's Anime
    This movie is all of the cheese. You could bake a casserole with it. And you know what? It would taste delicious.
    Because it was baked.
    With love.

    Ok, but seriously, my review title says it all. This movie came out in the 1980's and its about a unicorn. Naturally, the virtues of kindness and friendship are at the CORE of this movie's theme, and you can expect a cute main character that is ...
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  • Fun, Frightening, and Inspiring
    This is animation of the old-fashioned kind. It's artistically exciting enough and cute enough to give kids enjoyment and teach them lessons, and it's full of truth about what it takes to live as a decent human being. Adults enjoy being reminded of that stuff from time to time too—at least this one does.

    And Unico is adorable!
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