Valerian and Laureline

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They are also known for their set design in the film “The Fifth Element’”, A graphic novel loved by a wide age group for over 35 years since 1967, finally open’s it’s unique world, to been re-born to the world as an original animation series! “Valerian and Laureline” ’s Sci-Fi world has long influenced Hollywood Sci-Fi movies such as “Star Wars” and others, its graphic novel and art books often found in the offices of Hollywood directors.

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It’s the 25th Century, and the universe is no longer a frontier for the human race, but has become their home.
Of course humans are not the only ones living in the universe.
There are the Shingouz; with their elephant like noses, the Zools; who closely resemble canines, the Gliders; who have wings, just to name a few.
Relationships between completely different species with various lifestyles and beliefs , often bring on problems…
The organization; “Space-Time Control Office”was created to travel times as well as researching the present to solve such problems. The story’s main male character Valerian, who works for the organization, is ordered to travel to the earth in the year 912, where he affects the destiny of a woman “Laureline” in that time period.
Going against the most sacred rule:
“A Time agent must not interfere with what is happening in the past”
He saves the life of a woman, known as Laureline.
Realizing what he has done , Valerian returns to the 25th Century,
to find that the Earth has disappeared.
Thus Valerian and Laureline go on a galactic adventure,
to restore the Earth, as well as keep the peace in the universe……

Director: Hidekazu Sato
Sub director: Hiroshi Hara
Character design: Fumihide Sai, Makoto Uno
“Simoun” spaceship design: Shoji Kawamori
Mechanical design: Tsutomu Suzuki
Art director: Yoko Komiya
Art design: Yoko Komiya, Shinya Asanuma
Color design: Sachiko Harada
CG director: Masaya Machida
Monitor graphic: Go Kanbayashi