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Born on Jan the 13th in Fukuoka
Blood Type: A
Tomo brings together the vision of vistlip with his uniquely realistic lyrics and sweet, haunting vocals. Liberally adopting various kinds of music genres such as hip-hop/pop, he creates his style through his own filter. On stage, Tomo captivates and overwhelms the audience with his explosive energy and emotional voices.

Born on July the 28th in Tokyo
Blood Type: A
A main composer of vistlip tracks, Yuh has detailed knowledge in broad areas of music genres from classical through to rock. He has made his presence irreplaceable to vistlip with his masterful techniques and applied skills in composition backed by such knowledge. He also drives vistlip's sound with his calm attitude to music and a prominent craft in guitar.

Umi (Gt/Vox)
Born on July the 20th in Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Umi is a leader of vistlip and is responsible for bringing the band together. He develops the style of the band by his eccentric look and unique staging, his chorus and rap that affects Tomo's main vocal, and unconventional ideas. Also, making user of his past experience in visual production, plane design and costume design he also works as a composer in producing images and visual works of the band itself.

Rui (Ba)
Born on November the 15th in Hyogo
Blood Type: A
He creates a harmonious atmosphere with his innate quiet demeanor and his natural behavior, but his existence is like a shot in the arm - his judges and opinions given from the coolest point of view in the band, his hooked base arrangements, and the lithe staging on his own are indispensable for the band.

Tohya (Dr)
Born on January the 3rd in Kanagawa
Blood Type: A
He makes moods of the band with his cheerful and hard-to-hate characteristics. However, he supports the basis of vistlip with his powerful but stabilized drumming once he grips his sticks. He also produces unique tunes with his innate sense of producing pops and melody line.
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