Walkure Romanze

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  • Starts well, and then ...
    I almost made it all the way through. The first episodes were pretty good, but then it just falls in to predictability and repetitiveness. The animation was good in some spots, and average in others. A little bit more action in those middle episodes to go with the craziness and I might have been able to get through it.
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  • I don't know about this one..
    Watched seven episodes, couldn't get myself to watch more really. Animation is decent, some characters are interesting but almost everything else fells kinda forced, or ya know, that feeling you get when drinking flat soda?

    Honestly, I think this show tried to go in too many different directions, couldn't nail single one. One star for effort I guess.
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  • The AniMonday Review
    Colin from The AniMonday Podcast here! Each week we hit the "random" button on Crunchyroll, and must watch whatever pops up. We did a podcast about Walkure Romanze that you should definitely check out, whether you've seen a couple of episodes or not!

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  • Don't watch it it's trash
    Don't watch this show, the cat in this show has more personality than 99% of the the characters. The main character is shown to have been a knight and a good one at that, and due to injuries and letting someone down he quit. The could have been a solid redemption story but instead it's trash.
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  • Feels a bit dull on the Story side
    Ended up skipping though the hole thing because i was waiting for the Story to kick in.

    Im sure it can be enjoyable if you resonate with some characters but overall there is not really much going on that actually effects the main character which makes it feel a bit empty.

    Idk if it was a setup for many seasons to come or just a very light approach. Definitely think the story would have some ...
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