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  • 20 out of 22 people found this review helpful:
    Complicated? No, horrible
    The show seemed slightly intriguing after 2 episodes, but left some strange questions at the end of the second episode. "Why did one of the main characters so easily betray his best friend and the other man character?" "What is the writer trying to accomplish with this mystery?" Then the 3rd episode happened, and the whole thing turned into something ridiculous. Not ridiculous like the ...
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  • 10 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    A good idea that falls short
    After the first episode, I thought I would really like this show. But by the end of the third episode, I decided to never watch it again.
    It starts out by portraying itself as a clever story about a private detective agency. Not long after, it becomes apparent that it's TRYING to be a clever story, but the author is... to be blunt, kind of an idiot. You can't really write a clever story without ...
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  • 6 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
    Complete Garbage and Waste of Time
    This is one of the stupidest shows I’ve seen in a long time. It looked like it would be okay after the first episode but episodes 2 and 3 made no sense, the main character is a total a-hole for no reason, a woman’s murder is treated like nothing, and the whole storyline still manages to be completely boring. Don’t waste your time with this one.
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  • 9 out of 14 people found this review helpful:
    An open love letter to poet senpai
    TL;DR: Fanboy gets an anime adaptation of his fanfiction staring their favorite indie poet 'that you probably never heard of'.
    1st Episode Impression: An interesting premise with gorgeous artwork (3.5 / 5 Stars but could go up with later episodes)
    3 Episode Test: TBA

    Based on the real world poet and linguist friendship of Takuboku Ishikawa & Kyosuke ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    The only good thing about this is the end credits
    On the surface this seems like a lighthearted detective show with a mystery-of-the-week format, sprinkled with poetry here and there. The first episode ended on a relatively flat note, but I decided to give it a chance and watch at least until episode 3 since I was charmed by the end credit animation and thought the slow pace would be relaxing. Boy, was I wrong.

    Other reviewers have explained ...
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  • Story decent, but art pulls the show.
    Reading the other reviews who dropped this show after first few episodes, and somehow hating it, I felt like I had missed something.
    Thinking back, sure the story could have been more, but it doesn't bother me all that much. It touches on a few different subjects other shows don't because they are not for the masses. (Probably the reason just a few enjoy this show).

    The artstyle is gorgeous ...
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  • Started off interesting enough...
    Started off just fine. Likeable duo and hooked me a bit with the story by alluding to an MCs death. Good animation quality and designs. Buuuut, like everyone else mentions by the 3rd or 4th episode the foundation crumbles. Characters lose their depth or motivation. Plots become unnecessarily convoluted. And its honestly... just a bit sloppy all together. They tried to do an episode that is told ...
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  • Major Disappointment
    I love anything from the Meiji Era so I had high hopes for this anime. Unfortunately, aside from the beautiful artwork, the anime falls really short. The writers try really hard to tell a compelling mystery but the plot just ends up confusing and boring. On top of that, the relationship between the main characters are infuriating. Ishikawa is a selfish, leeching mongrel and his friend Kindaichi is ...
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  • character motivations are all over the place
    I had to drop this after the genius detective guy sells his partner out to the police right after declaring he was best buds with him at the very last scene in the previous episode. Did the writers just not communicate between episodes? How is the rest of the series even going to be remotely believable after you pull something like that.
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  • Boring and confusing
    A great premise but after the first episode things started to go downhill. I could barely watch the 3 episode and really I have no desire to continue watching. Read the other reviews and save yourself some time and skip this one. The art is good and that is the only reason it got 2 stars.
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