WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us

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    Ehhh, just OK - a bit cliche
    This review has spoilers. This is an action fantasy anime where the secret "weapons" in the war against the "beasts" are teenage, cute looking fairies (all female of course) who, sometimes, like to walk around in their! I mean how more silly can you get?

    There are some interesting plot points, but the ending - is not really an resolution on anything really
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  • Became One of My Top 5 Immediately
    For me, this was the show that you fall in love with in just one episode. However, in this show, that's not where the feels stop, that's where they begin. Each character had motivations and development with distinct arcs kept me interested through the end. The dialogue was relevant to each situation and informative without being expository (almost all of the time). The inter-character interactions ...
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  • #74. Bittersweet in every way.
    WorldEnd is a tragic story about the last hero left on what remains of earth a couple centuries after the world’s destruction. Willem Kmetsch, the last of his kind wanders aimlessly through the cities of the new beings that dominate the landscapes, seen as a black sheep among the herd. It isn’t until Willem notices someone resembling that of his own kind, and spends the whole day with them that he ...
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  • need more............
    We need this series. Who id we? Well..... The anime community ofc! This anime has displayed love, in a more pure less vulgar form. Its not perfect, and is mostly shrouded in mystery that the LN is suppose to the gaps with; With the issue of it not being available in the western world..... We need this. And lets stop the whole "lets tease em with just one season" bs. it is annoying.
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  • A beautiful yet painful experience
    This anime not only has beautiful animation but also maintains a very captivating story from the beginning to end.
    Watching this will bring you on a rollarcoaster of both joy and sorrow.
    Though this ends rather conclusively it has still left me wanting for more.
    Before watching this you should realize that one tag it is missing is tragedy. If you are unable to handle such thing this may ...
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  • After All's Said And Done
    Sad way to end a series, but not necessarily a bad way. Some series live on until life is pain and its monkey's paw solution to surviving dries up enjoyment.

    If a series is to end, this made such a memorable end that gives off a reminiscent sense of how life is stuck on play until you're gone with your conceptual legacy left behind as a parting gift.
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  • My heart is broken..
    This anime takes at least 5.5 hours to complete it fully but leaves a mark and a trace on your heart for about 5 months mannnnn i dont catch feeling easily but this anime made me stay up all night crying the end made me re think once, twice i feel like there is a hole in my heart and something is missing
    if you been looking for a good anime i highly recommend this one
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  • The potentiel to be amazing
    As the title says, this anime had the potential to be a 10/10 anime. If it would've been a 24 epoisode anime we would've had more time to learn and grow on the characters. The story seems rushed and filled with somewhat pointless scenes I would rather have replaced with something benifitting to the relationship toward the characters.

    Definently watchable to pass time but I wouldn't rewatch this ...
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  • Do you like emotional stories?
    Reading some other reviews I felt the need to contribute.
    I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance anime with fantasy elements, and enjoys having an emotional experience.

    First, regarding pacing. This anime feels somewhat rushed in that the characters develop, but their relationships feel rushed. There are many details about the world that are implied, and you have to pay close attention ...
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  • You Will Find No Tragedy Like This One
    The use of Scarborough Fair as an undertone of this beautifully written tragedy is only the first reason why this anime is set apart from the rest. It's characters feel the full array of loneliness, love, happiness, joy, sadness, and despair that makes up a full lifetime.
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