Yurikuma Arashi

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At some point, somewhere in outer space, the small planet Kumalia exploded. As the particles of what used to be Kumalia showered upon Earth as a meteor shower, for some reason all the bears (kuma) on earth stood up to attack humanity!

“Humans vs Bears”

Bears ate people, people shot bears, creating an endless battle and a chain of hatred. In due time, a great “Wall of Extinction” was built between humans and bears, and they could no longer show aggression towards one another…

The human world.

One morning, Kureha Tsubasa and Sumika Izumino, students at Arashigaoka Academy, were alone watching “lily flowers” blooming in the flower bed. The two were ‘friends’ as well as lovers. The flower bed was a place very special for them. They stare at each other. Just then, a Bear Warning pierces loudly through the air! A Bear had encroached into the human world, and a human has been assaulted!

What in the world is this bear..? Mystery brings on more mysteries, a series of one raging blow after another! Yurikuma Arashi elegantly begins its opening act now!