Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    If you don't like crying when watching movies or anything like that, DO NOT WATCH THIS ANIME!!! This anime has managed to masterfully develop its characters in a mere 11 episodes, and makes you relate to all of their problems!! In this short 11 episode series, this anime has made me laugh, cry, be weirded out, and more. If you liked Clannad, you will absolutely love this anime.
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  • Touching Story and Great Characters
    One of my friends recommended I watched this show. He said he cried all the manly tears of sadness. I watched the first episode with him and then stopped there. I finally returned to the series and I am very glad I did.
    I absolutely loved this show. The way the series handled the emotions was absolutely fantastic. I definitely felt the impact of the characters feelings and emotions and by the ...
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  • Simply beautiful, bring on the tissues!
    This was such a beautifully told story. I cant believe I hadn't watched it sooner. It left me in tears, it's such a heart warming story. Even if its a slice of life, and may have some stupid thinking characters, they pair up the characters so well, the plot and the characters and lines just go BLOOSH and you get this amazing thing. In the title, I can truly understand what the flower is. This is a ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Beautiful and A Sweet Closing
    This anime was really great at being able to bring lost friendships back and about accepting loss and moving on. At first I wasn't to crazy about how the main girl character looked, but I got used to it.

    The ending was absolutely beautiful, all of them got to say goodbye it a childlike way, and she also wrote a touching note to each of them saying what she loved in ...
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  • Shewshewshewshew - you hear that? it's the feelcopter!
    I had my doubts at first about this anime but after the first episode i was hooked. and i'm quite glad i got hooked. this anime is AMAZING and in my opinion beats Clannad: After Story feels-wise. i loved all the characters, voice-actors, plot, everything. it was all just great. 5/5 would watch again.
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  • The feels... They hit me like a truck.
    I heard about this anime from a friend and decided to watch it because I had just gotten in to One Week Friends and wanted to watch an anime with just as many feels. I watched all 11 episodes in one day, and I have to say it was amazing. I'm the type that's into entertainment that makes me feel emotion, and I'll tell you that each episode well pull your heartstrings more and more. I may not have ...
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  • <3<3<3<3<3<3 anohana.
    this series really is as beautiful and touching as everyone else is saying. if you want to see a straight-to-the-heart treatise on coping with death and the power of friendship, this is it.
    just . . . keep the tissues handy.
    yes, you will cry. and yes, it's entirely worth it, because this series is stunning from start to finish.
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  • If you want a good anime to make you shed a tear.
    This is one for you! Overall the story seemed really intriguing, why would a dead girl come back 10 years after she died and only "haunt" one friend? They quickly cleared this up, and brought up things that can be hidden when you have a large close knit group of friends. Secret crushes, jealousy, envy, and disappointment. This show was great and it really moved me toward the end. You will not be ...
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  • It's as sad as they say...
    The storyline was wonderful. ^^ I haven't watched the movie yet but I'm planning to, and for those who like longer animes, I don't think this would work out. I don't think there would be any chances for a second season... I',m not gonna spoil anything, but I loved the ending! Even though I cried like a baby xD So all in all it was a really good anime
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    Anohana Finale Review
    [This was originally a blog post found on my blog MoeMonster, but has been moved to]

    Hands down, AnoHana has been my favorite anime of the Spring 2011 season, but like the members of the Super Peace Busters, I'm ready to move on with my life. At least ready to move on to the Summer 2011 season. This final post will be spoiler free, I promise!

    First some ...
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