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  • Otherworldly, yet remains grounded
    I love movies and shows that revolve around the myths and ancient lore of other countries, and this is one that fits the bill perfectly! I hope crunchyroll brings more content like this instead of the high school/office lady romance dramas that are a dime a dozen.
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  • Fun and Silly Swordplay Fantasy Action Flick.
    Japan is in serious trouble. Demons have infested Edo, taking possession of earthly forms and bending them to their unholy will. On top of that, the rebirth of Ashura, Queen of the demons, is nigh. The only thing that stands against this grave threat are the Demon Wardens, a fearsome group of warriors, who might just be as bad as the demons themselves.

    Izumo is a retired Demon Warden, who five ...
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