Asura Cryin'

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  • Machines=Action, Boobs=Comedy, and Saving the World=Suspense
    I REALLY liked it... It was funny, sad, amusing, entertaining... need I go on??? I watched it to the very end. It kept me interested from the very beginning which sadly not all Animes can. Even though the ending is kinda of a cliff hanger *spoiler alert*.......... It does not show who he picks outta the two main girls which he both loves. I think that is why I enjoyed it since it so, both girls ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Fantasy sci-fi escapism at some of its best
    The opening theme music for this show sets the stage quite nicely; this is a show where the world is not quite right, where everything is precariously balanced, and things could fall apart at any minute.

    The show deals with themes of risk and self sacrifice. There are big mecha, big explosions, magic, a love story, fantasy characters, and a science fiction tapestry holding it all together. And ...
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  • 4 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
    Harem dating sim meets magical powers
    This series starts of fairly interesting, and degrades quickly into a harem style boob-and-sex-joke series with the pretext of a supernatural war taking place between demons+their contractors, and people connected to Asura Machina. The main forces involved are levels of the school counsel. yes, the school's student body president is a major baddy.
    there are four or five throw away episodes ...
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  • Asura Cryin': Big Robots, Magic, Demons, and Boobs
    Being a huge Gundam fan, I'm always a sucker for anime with big robots, so when I happened upon Asura Cryin', I was vaguely intrigued by the synopsis. I watched the first episode and I was like, OK, this seems interesting. Then I watched the second, third, and before I knew it, I was averaging almost 3 episodes a night!

    Asura Cryin' follows Tomoharu "Tomo" Natsume, a high-school student whose ...
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  • 1 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    this is has to be one of the worst i have seen, for many reasons. the main character, the story line, the romance and action.

    the main character is the biggest wuss i have ever seen in a main character, even shinji from NGE had the balls to fight for rei. even in the end, he needs help fighting and can't seem to decide anything that might harm an ounce of someone's feelings over the smallest ...
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  • Robots, Gjhosts, and Demons... but this isn't a horrow film. This is Asuyra Cryin'
    Extremely colorful. Amazing animation. Itriguing and absolutely wonderful in every way imaginable. This is Asura Cryin'. It is very cute and funny. Not one, but two worls will be saved by Natsume Tomoharu, his projection spirit Misao, his demon friends Ania and Kanade, and many more friends he meets along the way.
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  • 3 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    The science of anime magic.
    This anime caught my eye; a picture of a character who has strange hair? A crying god? Hmm... then I saw the mechs, and read about 'Tomoharu Natsume's ghost friend'. I have to admit, I thought anything like this couldn't possibly be anything but a slap together anime.

    I didn't even bother buckling in for the ride, and boy, did I make a mistake. The moment I stepped in, I started having second ...
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  • Definitely worth watching.
    Mecha, magic, inter-dimensional travel, space/time problems, and a high school with a mega-powerful school council. Yet, it all works. This had a more complex plot than a lot of other anime shows, and I'm sure it has several plot holes/contradictions, but I was too absorbed in enjoying the show to really pinpoint them.
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  • Far from terrible, better than good, but not great.
    A 26 episode series that felt pretty completed by the end. Pacing was good, ending was not rushed. Story is interesting and well told. Very generic "Save the world, fall in love with a girl and 'idiot-protagonist' themes", though.
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  • Strange Roller-Coaster!
    The story is of Tomoharu Natsume, a nice high school kid that has a ghost for a friend. The story is very interesting but you have to pay attention to detail or you'll get lost. I do love the characters, they are compelling and interesting to which makes them unforgettable. The only disappointment was in the end when I had to tell these friends goodbye.
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