Biyou Shounen Celebrity

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    Yes, it's over the top. Yes, it's Cheesy. Yes, it's Awesome.
    Oh, how I love this little J-Drama. At first it may appear as your typical "cute boys are cute" drama aimed at your female audience, but this show has real heart. It really does care what's it's trying to convey to the viewer. This how the shows are laid out: There are 5 Betty boys. Each one gets an episode and the following one focusing on them and a lesson that needs to be learned by that boy in ...
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  • Awesome! Wonderful!!
    This series is a quick watch and is very funny. It's also heart-wrenching and perfect. It's a cute story about 6 boys learning about beauty and what truly makes people beautiful. If this series seems even remotely interesting to you, I urge you to watch it, it is amazing!
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