Blast of Tempest

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  • So much feelssssssss
    I loved this anime so much. I'd hate to compare it to anything, but the twists and plot changes made it feel like Death Note sort of. There is no way you could have predicted the ending by watching the first few episodes and it was an amazing ride!!!
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  • Excellence if there ever was!
    The characters are all amazing and not at all obnoxious or annoying! They each have different views and follow them well. I am a fan of the use of real world literature to make points throughout the story. Though I must say I saw the biggest reveals coming, they were all excellent and had a nice color to them. It has seriousness with the right amount of comedy. Watch it.
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    I tried my hardest to like this...
    First, let me state what I liked. The animation and art style are excellent (Studio Bones knows their stuff). The fight scenes are terrific, and the characters and lore are incredibly engaging. The Shakespearean elements give the overall story and presentation a very unique feel. The mystery in the early episodes draws you in.

    That being said, this shows fault are so in-your-face and ever ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Absolute fucking brilliance
    This show has earned five stars. It's not your mere "filler show" that you watch while you look for something good. It IS that good show, in fact its unforgettable. The characters are deep and multi-faceted, the animation is colorful, smooth, and well choreographed all while being artistic and detailed. I'm so high while I write this but this show guys im tellin ya
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  • Great ... just ... Great.
    One of my favorite shows ever very thought provoking and entertaining! Wish it would go on but it resolves itself very well unlike many other shows I would highly recommend it. The occasional Shakespeare quotes really help to ground it in a reality that is over all very similar to our own. Though the best character development takes place with many of the secondary characters, and not the ...
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  • Deep characters and enthralling story-line
    This series is quite a treat if you've been starved for deeply nuanced characters and a well-developed story. The art and animation are both great eye-candy and remains very consistent throughout the show. The mention of mages and magic kept me from starting this series for quite some time, but after I did, it took me by the hand and showed me around its wonderful setting while introducing me to ...
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  • Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum..
    This anime was literally a blast. They just don't make them like this anymore.. Wish there were more great anime's like this. Great job studio Bones, great job. Now excuse me, while I have separation anxiety and other nerd problems because one of the best anime's has ended and I have no idea what to do with my life now... lol

    Btw, I got sucked into the Blast of Tempest vortex and binged ...
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  • Great story, engaging till the end.
    This show is gorgeous. Both visually and in its storytelling. Only negative thing I hav to say is how much it beats you in the head with its shakespearian influences via references and the characters straight up comparing whats going on to things that happen in Shakespeare's plays. Everything else about this show is gold. Action, romance, tension, battles of the mind, psychological musings, so ...
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    Mind Boggling to say the least
    I am truly impressed with this series. Every time you think you have things nailed down in your mind WHAMO new plot twist. This series manages to have good character development, mind blowing plot, and suspense will keep you coming back for more every episode you see.

    Watch this with an open mind, make some assumptions and see where you stand at the end. This series wont disappoint!
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