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    Good as a starter anime
    I used to love Bleach, it was once my favorite anime, and was the 2nd anime that I actually got into. Now? I can't stand it.
    There is a lot of potential in this, and now I just get sad thinking about how it was wasted. The main character (Ichigo) is a Gary Stu, one of the biggest Gary Stus I've ever seen. Time and time again he over powers people that are way more experienced than he is, and ...
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  • bleach review review1
    have to say this was one of the best anime's i have watched i loved the ending and the creators knew how to make you want more when i finished the series i cried and cried this was the longest anime i have watched to date and the best anime i have watched i don't regret watching the anime and would recommend this anime to anyone and everyone .
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    The best anime out there!
    I have watched a lot of animes but none of those are better than bleach. Bleach can make you cry because of the awesomes! The plot is master piece and the fighting scenes are pure gold! I have finished the series two times and second time without the fillers. I recommend watching the series without the fillers: .
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  • Life, Death, & Honor
    Those in attendance of Otaku Club during our airing of Bleach think that it's something everyone should watch for all that it stands for: protecting ones family, life and death, and honor. If those aren't quite enough to convince you, it also has fighting and death gods to get your action fix in!
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  • BEST ANIME EVER in history
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    one of those animes that makes you watch another episode after another until you realize you on the last episode. then you just sit there like "Fuk yea that was fukin tasty." You literally just sit there and remember how Ichigo and the gang took you on all their adventures with them. From the first battle with Renji, to the last battle with Ginjo, I have no negatives about this show.
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  • An amazing unique experience
    Just a really well balanced good show,

    It can get confusing with the sheer amount of characters and personality's but
    well executed as you get to see most of the main characters story lines fleshed out over a large number of episodes...............................
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    My reviews were deleted because I swear a lot.
    Bleach started out kind of interesting, it had some of that early Yu Yu Hakusho stuff going for it. Looking back though I feel like the first 15 or 20 episodes had more of an impact on me in terms of the character development than most of the rest of the series. So what like 366-20= 346. 346 of these episodes are long-running-anime garbage, complete with low quality in writing, low quality in art ...
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  • Heartbroken.........
    [Spoiler alert]
    Its over...Its really over. I am so sad. I feel empty inside. **exaggeration, of course**
    But the series really is that good. I fell in love with the characters. And whereas the fillers can be annoying, I understand that they needed to be there while Kubo Tite writes more. I keep watching certain episodes over and over again, mostly the episodes where Ichigo learns a new power or ...
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