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  • An Absolutely Brilliant Anime !!
    I don't usually go for a sports anime and when I have, I rarely finish them. However, this anime was extraordinary in all aspects. It had an absolutely beautiful art style and the way they do everyone's eyes really draws you in. All the characters were very unique in their own ways. I really like how all the characters took the time to build everyone else up and give them the courage to do ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Chihayafuru does so good job at keeping it intense
    Chihayafuru starts to tell a story of three friends raising to become amongst the best Karuta players but along the way more players are joining with the teens. The protagonist Chihaya Ayase is a girl who met talented Karuta player Arata Wataya and was inspired to start playing it as well with her friends.

    One of the best things I liked about it is the plot that makes characters grow so much. ...
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  • Only started this but can't get enough!
    There are not enough hours in the day to watch it all! This anime is SO GOOD! It was recommended as a Must-See and I am so glad I did! It has romance, action, drama, competition, and the story moves fast enough to hold your interest every episode. I highly recommend this, especially if you like romance anime.
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  • One of the Best Animes I've Ever Watched!
    If you cared enough and is interested enough to be reading... GO WATCH THIS SHOW PLEASE.

    This is simply one of the best animes I have ever encountered, and definitely one that never fails to make me enjoy every moment the story even after numerous rewatches. The cast contains a wide range of unique and memorable characters who are all realistic but lovable in their own ways.

    While being part ...
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    A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant show. Heartwarming, funny, and an absolute joy to watch. Every episode leaves you wanting more and season three is coming out in 2019!! It was definitely out of my usual wheelhouse, but I am SO HAPPY I read the reviews and took a chance on it. I have nothing but absolute praise for the show and can't wait to see what lies ahead! WATCH THIS YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
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  • Amazingly done & Beautiful
    The anime really has a way to capture your eye, its beautiful art and how they can actually make a card game really exciting. Ever since episode 1, I was hooked and needed more. It is one of the few animes that captures my attention even if I rewatch it a thousand times. The whole anime is so amazingly done and I wish there were more animes like this one that was as good as this one. Not about the ...
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  • Amazing show about dedication to a sport
    The show follows a young girl named Chihaya start a karuta club at her highschool with the help of her childhood friend Taichi. We get to explore how the popularity this game fluctuates from school to school and the different levels of dedication from its players. We see different techniques to play the game and the hierarchy in their societies (local community clubs).

    I really enjoy learning ...
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  • It's worth the Shot Bois!!
    The Start of the episode was so refreshing The way that they Introduced the Characters, and the way that they don't leave out the Character's Past/Hardwork, they show every bit of Information about the Characters such a Wonderful Anime Masterpiece. I've watch several Sport's Genre Anime and I'd say that this Anime is one of my best top 3 !!.
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  • An Anime That Has Stayed With Me
    I will never forget this anime. It seems like nothing special from the first episode, but immediately into the second episode you're thrown into the world of Chihaya. The voice acting is an amazing thing to hear progress, especially during the beginning of season 2. I absolutely love this anime and rewatch it often. I wish more people knew about it, really.
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  • Brilliant Execution - Never thought a card game anime could be so interesting
    You can't expect anything better from an anime based on a japanese card game to be so interesting and emotionally charged.
    The characters are fleshed out well and lot of character development happens for most characters(except for Arata).
    Animation quality is superb and the game play animation is also well executed. Add in a romantic twist with interesting and likeable characters, you got a ...
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