Chi's Sweet Home - Chi's New Address

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  • You will definitely learn short japanese phrases ;P
    Having a bad day? Watch a couple episodes of Chi and her whacky adventures! They're bound to put a smile on your face.. or heart.. Even the characters you write off and get that gut feeling that you will never like, you end up liking them even just a little bit! For episodes that are only a few minutes long, this is definitely a manageable anime for those that are "too busy"
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Great show for kids and family.
    My 2 year old and myself (I'm 29 and male) loved this show. You don't really need subs for the show, its very self explanatory. It's about a kitten and her human family and they're about 3 minutes long. I would sit with my kid and talk about whats going on. Very good experience for both of us. Highly recommend.
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  • If you own a cat and like cuteness...
    Like title says, if you own a cat and like cuteness, this anime is definately for you. Having been a cat owner for all my life, I know exactly what cats do or think, how they will react, etc. This is accurate in that way. It shows the authors are cat owners too! Also, this is done in a silly way that will make you smile or laugh. This is a great mini anime. Wish the episodes would go on :/
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  • I never thought I'd like a show like this so much
    Warning: this show may cause cute aggression!

    It's clean and cute, and let's face it, who doesn't want that?
    I mistook it for something waaay different when I first started watching, but now, why can't I stop watching it?! It's because it's that good. I never knew cuteness could be so....cute!!! :3
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  • This is great but...
    Where's Chi's Sweet Home series 1? This is Chi's New Address, but there are 100 other episodes before Chi's New Address begins.

    Chi's New Address is wonderful, but I'd like the full prior series also, please, to complete it all.

    You can find evidence of the prior show on Wikis as well as actual episodes scattered on Youtube.
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  • So adorable and heart-warming!
    This show (and the full first set that Crunchyroll doesn't have) is one of the cutest and sweetest animes I have ever seen!

    Anyone who's had cats will know that the creator clearly owned cats as well. The way he portrays Chi's reactions to so many things really speaks of a clever interpretation of how cats must think in new experiences.

    There were even several times in the show that I ...
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  • Life From the POV a Cute Cat
    Do you like cats?
    Do you like cute things?
    This anime is literally a kitten's view on his life. Honestly, this show is adorable, and amazing, and wow does it ever accurately depict what life with cats is like.
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