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Digimon Adventure 02

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  • Digimon Adventure #2 = Adventure #1
    I loved this season of Digimon mainly because they started up by picking up where they left off with new Digidestined as well as the original, and older cast. My favorite part of this season is Ken and how he went from Digimon Emperor to being apart of the Digidestined team. I also liked how Ken's change from bad to good set off a chain of events that caused them to find out who had really been ...
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  • Digi Adventure 2, Digimon digital monsters ....
    So following season 1 , this is the second generation of Digimon TK and Kari fro season 1 join season 2 of the new digi-destined , also my favorite season other then season 1, digivice get major upgrades. and a whole new adventure begins. the na digivolvig is awesome .. I think this was about the time the 1st Digimon movie or the 2nd Digimon movie had the similar villain....
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  • Digimon nostalgia fest
    Digimon was my favorite anime growing up and I am very excited to see them on CR now. Seasons 1 and 2 are the best by far, they transition almost seamlessly and the story is pretty good. There is a good mix of humor, action and dark tones that all play very well together for a "kids show."
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    Good, but not as good as Season 1.
    I really enjoyed rewatching this season. I loved how they flow with the first season and we get to see more growth out of the characters and their family. I just never seemed to like the new people as much. That seems to be my problem with a lot of shows who introduce new mains.
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  • Very nostalgic, my childhood was just passing by with in each episode.
    Love to see Digimon is around, just wish the movie and subtitle was along. Digimon took me back when I was young watching it on t.v. Only problem was that I couldn't watch all of the episode in order. Just glad that I could watch it in order and to revive my childhood memory.
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