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  • One of my top favorite anime/manga off all time
    Fairy Tail have exclusive fighting scene, hilarious humor, breathtaking plot and heart- touching. Every time I watched Fairy Tail I have to at LEAST smile or laugh once or twice. I see other great anime too, but none of them actually set my love as this one. Every time I finished an episode I'm full with excitement to watch the next episode and joy. You should totally check it out
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  • The best anime in the world!!
    It is awesome!!! Most people who only watched a little of it will not like it because, there is so much character development! If you hate friendship and family don't watch it because there is a ton of friendship and family in this!! And sometimes if you go on the internet you'll see a lot of nalu stuff and everybody wishing lissana was dead! I bet you will enjoy fairy tail!
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  • Best Anime Club show so far!
    I will always pick Fairy Tail over Sword Art Online. It's way funnier. The characters go on more adventures and I care more about what happens to them. I love how Natus and Gray fight but are part of the same guild so at the end of the day they have to get along. I want more Happy storylines!
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  • All in all really fun.
    Defiantly worth watching, it starts a bit slow but ramps up into action fast, then stays awesome! The (rather substantial) filler arcs can get pretty boring but honestly don't effect the main story so you can just skip them if you need to. Disregarding that the animation is beautiful especially in series 2, and the action is superb. While you might not like it if you're bothered by Shounen tropes ...
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  • Brilliant anime, just watch it already you'll love it.
    Plenty of unique characters, awesome fight scenes, ENDLESS episodes. I can go on for days about all the things I love about this show.

    In a Nutshell: Just watch it, this show is near perfect in every way.

    I'm For:
    - Near-endless episodes, we got a good 200+ episodes already, and the anime is STILL going, and the series shows no signs of coming to an end either, so, for those wanting ...
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  • Great Series, Repetitive though
    I'm well aware of the production value and the fan base and community around this show and they're all fantastic. I love the show and love the characters, but seeing the bigger picture, just isn't doing it for me. I'm all the way up to the Tartaros Act and i feel like it just became bland. There really isn't much to say there will be some peril and Natsu will somehow defy the properties of his ...
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  • Fairy Tail = life!!!
    fairy Tail is amazing! It is still going on tho but every episode is exciting and new. It brings emotions and it teaches valuable lessons. It has amazing art work and story plot you never expect what's going to happen. A ride that I could ride forever
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  • My opinion on Fairy Tale
    So I'm just gonna say this right outta the bat, this show is fricken amazing. Everything about it is really good and just downright good. The thing that I like the most is that there is funny parts but still intense fight scenes that you can really get into. Overall if I had to give this show a rating it would be a 10\10. Would highly recommend it to anyone that loves anime.
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  • One of my favorite animes!
    This anime is one of my favorite animes ever. Action packed with great messages and meanings behind each episode. With the main meaning being stick by your friends and never give up ontop of learning about all the different quirks of each character, you'll want to be in a guild after you watch this!! <3
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  • pretty good skip the calestial spirit key fighting arc other than that its great
    you porbbaly should skip the celestial spiriti ket when they go evil arc pretty boring xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFGSdfsh kg sGSDgnBSGJBNSIJDOgOGBSDBgpiONDGOSGDGGBdos[gBGBSIOGbdsogBGDBODGbsOPGBODGBNSgobsGOSDgusgb{OSDUGBNS{OGUBNGO{busgoSSBSJGSDgjbnOGUFOS{guSNFDOSIUPdfuBNSFGPIUBDGISUGROGJbipGbsnrpiGBNIGONSRIUGgr
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