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    Fairy Tail a great anime right up there with DBZ and One Piece!!
    A lot of people still give this franchise a lot of smack talk like "a One Piece rip-off" DON"T LISTEN TO THEM!!/ Fairy Tail is it's own thing and it does it well sure it does use the same tropes as One Piece but those aren't One Piece's tropes they are Shonen genre tropes in general.

    It's not every anime where I find that I like pretty much all of the first, second and third tiered character ...
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  • Really happy its back
    When I first heard of Fairy Tail I didnt really give it a chance because I heard it was a rip off of One Piece, which is actually my favorite show haha so I didn't give it a chance. A couple months ago I got bored and figured why not and started watching it and fell in love!! It's funny and enjoyable. A very good story I loved Lucys arc and Edolas the most I cried so much!!! Erza is a complete ...
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    Just want to watch it continuously
    Hi so this new episodes is the season 2? is this where after Laxus got evicted from the guild? so please please please tell me if it is or if it is not. thank you so much! this is very interesting anime, kinda funny with adventure! and thank you Crunchyroll for having this anime on the list
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  • My first and favorite anime
    This was my first anime series I ever watched in full. I fell in love with it on Day 1. Arigato Hiro Mashima. Besides the fact that this is an amazing anime, the theme of the anime is egstarvagent. Hiro Mashima definitely needs at least several thousand thank yous for this perfect product. And again, arigato Hiro Mashima.
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