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    First impressions - looks like Ghibli, smells like Ghibli, feels like Ghibli and comes with a bubbly loli.... I'll take it!
    The anime has a very Ghibli-esque feeling; beautiful serene backgrounds, a very laid back beginning, slightly dated feeling art style that works in its favour (for me anyways), and right off the bat what seems like Nausicaa (from Nausicaa of the Valley of the WInd, a Studio Ghibli movie) flies in on her glider being chased by a strange flying machine, made of junk yet using futuristic technology, ...
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  • Pretty good :) very enjoyable
    It's streamed by Funimation and hopefully will be dubbed by them (their survey will answer that question for them). Fantastic opening theme! though it started sort of slow, the story keeps me going through the rest of the series. the main boy is obsessed with "antiques"- basically what we use in everyday life! one time, he gets a camera and goes fanboy over it haha
    Nessa, the avatar known as a ...
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